Behaviour Managment

The year one class that I am in has 25 students. Out of these 25 students their are 19 boys and 6 girls. This definitely changes the ways of teaching and the ways of disciplining students. Some of the students are rather challenging which is definitely hard but I am happy having a challenge. I have found that one of the best way in the first couple days to get students on your side is to remember all of their names… This has been a challenge this time for me also because I have two sets of boys with the same names and three of the 6 girls have names starting with the letter A. But I believe it is important to get to know your students, their names, their learning styles, their skills, their gifts, their interests.

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7 thoughts on “Behaviour Managment

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    The importance of getting to know every child and their behaviours would have to be one of the most challenging things we have to do at the beginning of each year, as the children are very aware that we don’t know them all and as soon as they are able to see a little bit of an opening they run with it and this can be some very challenging behaviours that need to be changed. I wish you all well in this area as I completely understand the job at hand and with so many different names in today’s society it can definitely be challenging.


  2. Wow Gemma! This is so similar to my class! I have 16 boys and 5 girls. Two sets of boys have the same name and two of the girls have names starting with A. That’s so funny that we have classes that are so similar! I am finding behaviour management to be a bit of a challenge but hopefully I’ll get there by the end of week 3. Good luck with your prac!


    1. Hi Haylea, Sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply but I definitely found it different teaching this class compared to other classes. The boys have made the class a lot more busy in all classes needing a lot more interactive activities than other classes. Did you find this too?


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