Trying to catch up.

While I was reading blog posts trying to catch up on activities such as blogging, before I get drowned by the rest of the crazy rush of assessment that is coming I read a post by Rebel. Her post that you can find here talks about a blog post she found about behaviour management. This post is definitely one you should check out. This blog post has a range of ways to deal with behaviour and a range of strategies that can be used to control students behaviour.

Check it out and see what you think. I think it is definitely worth a read.


Nearly Over :-(

I know it will be nice to sleep, and it will be nice to have a bit of down time over the holidays but I don’t want this practical experience to finish. I am in love with the school I am at and I am in love with the year 1 class I am teaching. I know I will return to the school for my next prac but I am definitely going to miss being in the year 1 class. This prac I have felt far more confident to stand and teach and I no longer second guess my abilities. I feel more comfortable and feel like I can do it all instead of stressing that I am not good enough. I also think this time I have found it more enjoyable as I have had a great mentor and have enjoyed working with her.

Hope everyone’s prac is a good as mine this time.


Within the class I am in behaviour is a big part of ever day as it is in every classroom. The students in this class know the steps as do most students. The school I am at uses the RTC system. This is the whole school behaviour system but within the classroom my mentor has a traffic light system. The green light is a warning where students physically moves their own name onto the traffic light and has one warning. The next step is the orange light where students are given a time out and move their name to the orange light. The third step is a buddy classroom and students move their own name to the red light. After the red light it is an RTC where students go in lunch and think about their actions and write/draw a picture on how they should have acted and what they shouldn’t have done.


Behaviour Managment

The year one class that I am in has 25 students. Out of these 25 students their are 19 boys and 6 girls. This definitely changes the ways of teaching and the ways of disciplining students. Some of the students are rather challenging which is definitely hard but I am happy having a challenge. I have found that one of the best way in the first couple days to get students on your side is to remember all of their names… This has been a challenge this time for me also because I have two sets of boys with the same names and three of the 6 girls have names starting with the letter A. But I believe it is important to get to know your students, their names, their learning styles, their skills, their gifts, their interests.

Happy Blogging

And we are off.!!

Second day in I can say I am finally past the nervous stage and have a no more butterflies about being in a new class and new school. I have an amazing mentor who is very supportive and is providing me with a lot of opportunities to teach both in a whole class setting, a small group setting and one on one with students. I love seeing the same grade as I taught last prac being taught in a different way this prac. It has definitely provided me with a range of ideas and a diverse view of how one grade can be taught. I have found that my mentor uses many Technology resources both in teaching the students and in transition, relaxation, and engaging students. My mentor largely uses YouTube to find instrumental music to relax and calm students when she needs students to work individually and focus. I had never really thought about using technology in such a way. It seems to work really well with this class so I may have try it in another class.

Happy Blogging and hope you all have fun with prac.

Under a week left.

With just under a week left until prac I am glad to say that I have finally found out that I have a year one class at a school close to home. I am nervous but excited and cannot wait to start. This Prac will be my fourth prac. It will be over a 15 day period and will hopefully be a great chance to test out some new teaching strategies and implement some behavioural systems which I may be able to use in my own classroom in the future. This prac will also be a great time for me to work on my atrocious handwriting and practice writing specifically on a white board.  I have lots to practice and improve on before I become a fully qualified teacher, but I’m slowly on my way there.


It’s hard being a teacher

I found a video today that I believe is a very good portrayal of all of the ‘jobs’ that a teacher has to do every single day. It shows just how difficult it is to be a teacher and what a teacher does not only in the classroom, but also the many ways that teachers help students outside of the classroom too. Have a look and see what you think. It’s a short video that definitely made my day. I hope it brightens your day a little too.

Hope everyone is excited and ready for prac and enjoy the video.